Meet your Makers!

We are Blaine and Brittney Wilverding. First generation farmers on the eastern plains of Colorado. Our farming journey started just two years ago when we decided to leave town and provide for ourselves! Within a year our visions of our farm/homestead shifted and we began raising meat for our local community.

The journey evolved again when Brittney got creative with using every part of our cattle. After researching and playing with recipes Ancestral Skincare was brought to life! Our tallow products are an American Grassfed Association Certified Product and you can rest assured knowing we use only the highest quality tallow in our skincare line. Suet sourced for our products is certified through the AGA where farms follow the highest level of standards of diet and welfare for their animals.

 Our skincare line is grounded in the belief of honoring the whole animal while getting back to our human roots with natural, nourishing and healing ingredients.